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Dan Burns explains his space-time warping demo at a PTSOS workshop at Los Gatos High School, on March 10, 2012. Thanks to Shannon Range from the Gravity Probe B program for creating the original demonstration which he shared with Dan in 2004.
Information on how to make your own Spacetime Simulator can be found here:

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Chirag Agarwal - 16.11.2019
Repairing the space-time fabric lol
John Kempter - 16.11.2019
I actually feel dumber having watched this. Thanks.
Rc Aj - 16.11.2019
Show this shit to flat earthers
Destiny [Dys] - 16.11.2019
Literally sounds like Rick from Rick and Morty LMAO
Emil Gradiški - 16.11.2019
Didn t that just proved that earth will collide with Sun or oder planet?
R4ktooN Anon - 16.11.2019
Dark matter is me with women
Madhusudhanreddy Guggilla - 16.11.2019
Will earth gone a knock sun?
Guglielmo Bic - 16.11.2019
The earth is flat no gravity ya donkey
Jan Petersson - 16.11.2019
Hello here is another SPACEDREAMER who tells You the most insane stories of something he saw on TV. ​youtu.be/kszhMlr7sg8​
Yukss FPV - 16.11.2019
So cute, shame gravity doesn't exist
DonFNM - 16.11.2019
This is the 5th year this time of year this came in my reccomended
Bi Boh Bii II - 16.11.2019
His model shows gravity as a 2 dimensional field, when in reality, it's much more complicated than even 3D. It would be more like 4D because many other factors come into play, from the actual material and what it is made of, to other nearby objects as well as temperature etc.
Durgawati Prasad - 16.11.2019
According to this, In future, One day the whole solar system will collide with sun. Am I right ?
Dylan Wager Music - 16.11.2019
Would this mean that a black hole is represented by a puncture through the blue material
Yours Truely - 16.11.2019
Its turning things inside out. Now space inflicts force instead of matter.
Dark Wolf - 16.11.2019
Why is nobody saying this would be a amazing beyblade stadium
Dan Molloy - 16.11.2019
This guy rules. Total dude. X!
Flash - 15.11.2019
Proof The Greeks Created The Globe www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R_4PpuXfGo
Jury Alharbi - 15.11.2019
whose watching this in the middle of the night?
Zeudock - 15.11.2019
Gravity is a THEORY. Buoyancy is a LAW. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTNMRRW43jg
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