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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.

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Flat Plainstone - 24.06.2019
The shittiest movie ever. It's not worth pirating.
William Villasboa - 23.06.2019
This fiasco is by far the worst MCU movie, absolutely awful good luck with the sequel, now that Avengers and Tony Stark died.
HunGerMovies - 23.06.2019
if it had been a badass character like Milla Jovovich instead of an instagramceleb-like massproduct whose name will be forgotten in 2 weeks.
xZANZIBARZx - 23.06.2019
Foreigners are paid to say this movie didn't totally flop *H0nk H0nk*
Tampax Tampons - 23.06.2019
This movie is a stinking pile
Chaske Carr - 22.06.2019
The first lesbian super hero and not the last
Samuel Attias - 22.06.2019
She will be married on August 15
Aditya Makhija - 22.06.2019
Shazam vs Cap Marvel
Doctor Strange fan UwU - 22.06.2019
Remember guys when We all hoped Captain Marvel was going to kill Thanos..? Yeah...
Skyclaw - 22.06.2019
Spidey: Ruined. Batman: Ruined. Captain Marvel: Ruined. Who's next???
Curtis Shreve - 22.06.2019
Terrible movie...waste of money. Please bring back good movies.
Journey to Christ - 22.06.2019
Am I the only one who thought this movie just wasn't very good? it's okay and all but it didn't blow be away like with other marvel films.
Bupake anonh - 21.06.2019
Hey i want you back carol
Aiden's Stuff - 21.06.2019
Fury said he lost an eye after trusting someone. Really fury?
Mohamed Ali - 19.06.2019
I have participated in the channel Btaie myself I have a lot of people and downloaded videos that benefit people I wish to participate with everyone 🤗🤗
Team Spirit - 19.06.2019
Second worst MCU movie
187278 - 19.06.2019
MidnightMonet - 19.06.2019
old lady: smiles captain marvel: 1:31
Charlie Mulder - 18.06.2019
Yes we are Hunan. Xxx
Camping Yaconny - 18.06.2019
Aqui no hay nadie que able español latino
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